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Board of Directors

The Alumni Association is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit and is run by an Executive Board and Board of Directors. A copy of our bylaws is below.

Executive Board (thru May 2022)

President – Jonathan Woo, 03
Vice President – Brian Kneuker, 04
Vice President – Bill Mustanich, 65
Secretary – Brian Lowery, S71
Treasurer – Shawn Yee, 03

Board of Directors

Board of Directors are members with voting rights on the Board.

(2020 – May 2023)
Gary Simmons, S58
Jay Walsh, S57

Board Support

Board Support are members who contribute to the operations of the Alumni Association, but do not have voting right on The Board. Anyone interested in learning more, or joining Board Support, please contact

Amy Alexander, S81
GToni Alstad, F58, Past President
Gary Bader, S58
,Christine Eng, Current Faculty
Isabel Hogan, S58
Jimmy O’Keefe,S65
Ron Pang, Ret. Faculty
Judy Simmons, S63
Denise Smith, S88
Bill Mason, S44
Matt Pemberton, 01
Norm Sobel, S58
Jeff Stahl,S56
Norman Stahl,S66
Lorri Ungaretti,S70
David Whitehead, S64, Founder and Past President

Committee Chairs

Annual Giving – Brian Lowery
Car Show – Bill Mustanich
Day at the Races – Is-e Hogan
Lincoln Log – Gary Simmons
Wall of Fame – Is-e Hogan and David Whitehead
Social Media – Jonathan Woo
Scholarships – Is-e Hogan and Brian Kneuker
Sports Hall of Fame – Bill Mustanich
Technology – Shawn Yee
Website – Jonathan Woo and Shawn Yee