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School Name Change — What you can do

On February 21st, Board President Gabriela Lopez wrote an op-ed in the SF Chronicle placing the School Name Advisory Committee on “hold” and will look to revisit this after the SF public schools are open, including adding local historians. However, the Board has not officially recinded or suspended the original resolution, which means this process can continue at any moment. The op-ed is non-binding. We continue to encourage you to use the vehicles below to make your voice heard.

We have listed some ways you can join the effort to oppose the SFUSD Board of Education’s process to rename school names, including Lincoln’s.

Suggest a Name Change

The School Name Advisory Committee is taking suggestions for new names to replace the 44 on the list. While you are free to suggest a name, if you are like us and are opposed, we ask that you submit “Abraham Lincoln” as a name for “Abraham Lincoln High School.” All responses recorded through this form will be seen and the responses are unedited. The more we suggest Abraham Lincoln the better it looks. You can visit the form here.


While very late in the game, the School Name Advisory Committee and the Board of Education are taking e-mails from the public regarding this issue. We suggest adding the Superintendent and any other local elected official you feel comfortable adding. Some suggestions include the SF Board of Supervisors, Mayor London Breed, CA State Superintendent Tony Thurmond and CA Governor Gavin Newsome. Please be respectful.,,,,,,,


Online polls and petitions are good ways to passively add your voice to the effort, but are not as effective as direct action via the other options on the page. You can add your voice to these current online options: petition
SF Chronicle Poll

Recommended Links

Families for San Francisco — The Families for San Francisco has laid out an analysis of The Committee’s process.

New Yorker — SF Board of Education President Gabriela Lopez shares her thoughts on the school renaming process with The New Yorker

Attorney Paul Scott letter to the SFUSD Board

Attorney Paul Scott letter to London Breed, Mayor of San Francisco

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